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Access Controls and Security

Oneida Communications with our BICSI certified designers, project managers, and technicians on staff we are able to provide an experienced proven answer for all facets of your access control needs. From industry standard card access to biometric reader capabilities you can rest assured that your access control system will be designed and installed with a wide range of possibilities. Our goal is to provide you with the technology you need to deliver the correct security solutions. Most importantly Oneida has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Oneida offers a wide variety of access control solutions such as:

Oneida Communications, Inc. can design and install access control solutions that are specifically tailored for restricted areas such as Government facilities, University Campuses, Utility Plants, Commercial Facilities, Office Buildings, Laboratories, Hospitals, and more. We support our designs and installations with industry standard equipment with expandability keeping your future interests in mind, assuring that the financial investment you make today will not become antiquated tomorrow if your business requirements go in a different direction.

We are proud to provide access control solutions that allow different levels of specified personnel to enter specific areas at the times you designate. We are also pleased to provide additional access services as well such as visitor management, gate/bollard installation, personalized ID badges, credential management, or environmentally friendly rewritable cards to reduce card waste.

With our certified team of installers, project managers, engineers, and industry partners we deliver 100% satisfaction at all times to our customers. 

All Oneida employees receive industry training and are certified to install and support all IT industry technologies, including: